Back, but also moving on.

2012-05-08 19:58:01 by Flashsubmit

If you give a shit. I am slowly getting back into this stuff. Well not flash. Robotics programming right now. College programming soon. W00t


2009-06-19 12:52:49 by Flashsubmit

So I have made a new icon. I will try it out for a while. Though it seems it hasn't shown up yet.

I haven't Posted in A while

2008-03-16 10:50:35 by Flashsubmit

Hi, I guess i shall post something new. Nothing to say though.


2007-11-28 20:20:41 by Flashsubmit

Hello, how are you, really i don'rt care because no one reades this anyway.

5th game

2007-11-14 18:44:23 by Flashsubmit

I have gotten a great score on my new game Super Mouse Game 5, saddly it will be my last, i know everyone loves them so much *sarcasim*


2007-10-27 20:49:13 by Flashsubmit

Im trying to come up with a name like for when i make a movie, before it starts like saying "something Productions", but i cann't thing of what the name should be, any suggestions?

Updated my Super Mouse Game

2007-09-29 12:54:39 by Flashsubmit

I made it so if you lose your lifes you don't get to continue, until the next level, now if you lose them you lose right then.
Super Mouse Game 2


2007-09-25 19:34:43 by Flashsubmit

News i learned more action script and made my second super mouse game. its awsome.

No typing

2007-09-12 07:50:49 by Flashsubmit

I broke my arm so im slow at typing.

Here are my two flashes. Check them out <---- its a imperitive sentince.

Chair on Head

Longer Legs